1. Hi tasha, I reallllly adore your blog the whole content so amazing and has encouraged me to a blog of my own. You or may not of had received this but I have nominated you for the Liebster award for having a really dope blog check out my blog post for info. PEACE.

  2. Hello Tasha

    We're making a new app (SPRY) that lets you put links right into your videos, and I made a demo of one of your recent videos (Everyday Make Up Routine) to show you and see what you think:

    I hope you like it! It will help your viewers find the things you are telling them about, connect them to anything else you mention (like your other social channels and other friends channels)

    We've been developing it with some other vloggers giving us advice and helping us to make something that's easy to use, saves you time (it's sooo easy to connect to the products you're talking about - no more copying and pasting webpages!) and makes you stand out from the crowd by doing something new with your videos.

    I'd really love to hear what you think of the idea, and if you're interested in having a go at making your own 'SPRY' go to and ask for an 'invite' link to help us test it!



  3. Hi, Tasha. I'm Joseph, the one who talked to you briefly at the shuttle en route to the main terminal in the Philippines. :)