Monday Portrait 

Yo homies! :)
Please excuse the lack of makeup, but I thought I would keep it real with you guys, as this is how I have been looking throughout the last few stressful weeks!
It's been a long time, hasn't it?! I guess you have all been wondering where I have been lately - unless you follow my YouTube account. If so then you will already know. The truth is, I have been slacking. Busy with real life, and University blah blah blah... boring! But I am so ready to get back on my blogging game! Why should I abuse something I enjoy doing? Plus, since getting a new camera, and some new-found motivation, I am feeling really inspired!
Thank you all for sticking around and being so lovely. I really appreciate all the support you guys show me!
I love you all! 


  1. Yay! Lol your stalker here. Hehe. Will be looking forward to your future posts.
    Hamida X

  2. Can't wait for more posts ;) xx