Strolls, lights and true love in Paris

Seeing as I'm spending my Christmas in Paris with my family and I'm super excited about it, I thought I would attempt to document my time here! I know my photography skills aren't the best, but I'm learning :) so I hope you guys can look past some of the blurry, badly compositioned photos! Also in my defence, there were a lot of people where I was and I was getting barged into left right and centre and had inconsiderate people just walking straight in front of my lense *shakes fist* haha!
Let me know what you guys think of posts like this!

Of course there was the obligatory eating of churros dipped in a little pot of Nutella!

I took the photos above, whilst exploring the Christmas markets along the 'Champs Elysees'. 

How gorgeous are the lights? They were everywhere! 

Also had to get a picture of my grandparents being cute! I was teasing them on the journey home telling them to hold hands, but look how cute the picture came out! My grandma was being all shy and giggly! So lovely to see how in love my grandparents still are!

How amazing does my mum look?! I kept trying to get a photo of my mum and grandma together but they would not stop laughing and moving. Somehow I managed to capture my mum looking glowing!

Attempting to get outfit photos at the tube station but there was no time as we had to board the train! Thought the picture looked quite cool though so I threw it in here anyway :)

Waiting as we ordered some Chinese food on the way home mmmmm!

And the last picture is dedicated to my delicious dinner! It was so delicious and I was so starving it just got inhaled haha!

Hope you guys enjoy these kind of posts, because I really enjoyed taking the photos and feel like it is something I could really get into! 

Thanks for reading! What are you guys getting up to in the lead up for Christmas? xx


  1. nice pictures

  2. these photos are great.
    paris remains one my favourite cities on earth.

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