Not sure why I'm looking so miserable in these photos, maybe it's the realisation that realistically I can no longer wear bare legs haha! 
For ages I was unsure how to style these shorts, but I think I've figured it out now - just keep it minimal and monochrome. 
I thought the duster jacket would go perfectly and add a bit of contrast to the lighter pieces as well as some length to the whole outfit whilst making it look more put together. I chose to go with these particular boots as they are smarter than the boots I would usually go for and I'm not always sure how to style these either, but I think it worked.
Despite it looking quite put together, this outfit was so so comfortable, I literally felt like I was in pyjamas all day!

How would you guys style the shorts or boots? Or both?

Tasha xxxx


  1. I love the styling. I think the duster jacket really pulls the look together, making it super-chic but still fabulously effortless. I've been seeing so many great sort of 'lazy sunday' vibe outfits on fashion blogs lately & this look is right up there. I love it. You did a great job!



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  3. You are seriously too gorgeous, I love pretty bronze girls .n_n. Your blog is one of my new faves

    take care,

  4. Such a lovely outfit! I love those short, I like how you simplified the styling! I usually style shorts by adding a statement belt or a knitted jumper (winter is here)! Great post!