My American Eagle #JeanJournal

Denim has always played a big part in my sense of style - from the huge grungy bell bottoms to when I first discovered drainpipe jeans – I’ve always been more of a jeans over skirts kinda gal. I used to wear all different styles of denim but recently I’ve found myself in a monochromatic skinny, high waisted rut. I need a revelation that will make me fall in love with blue denim again and not only in skinny jean form.

If you guys are following me on Instagram, you may have already noticed that I am currently doing a week of styling denim with American Eagle Outfitters UK. I am so so excited to be working with a brand whose expertise is denim. Last week I was invited to pick out some pieces in their Westfield, White City store with the help of a lovely stylist called Aisha.

When I visited the store and first laid my eyes on the extensive range of denim – there are 18 fits in 69 different washes! - I must admit I was a little intimidated, but also quite excited. Seeing all of the options reinstated my decision that it was time for me to re-explore blue denim and also some new shapes. Here’s where the lovely Aisha came in. She knew what size I would be just from looking at me and from there asked me what I was looking for and proceeded to help me find the perfect denim wear for my style and figure. She explained all the different fits and made the perfect suggestions based on how I had said I wanted things to fit and also my body type/shape.

When it came to trying on my choices, it became clear just how incredible the versatility of American Eagle UK’s range is, they literally have something for anyone and everyone. The range is so on trend too! I ended up choosing  2 pairs of denim shorts, 1 Sky High skinny jean,  1 Destroyed Boy Denim jacket & 1 boyfriend style jean (they call it the Tom Girl fit) that actually suited and complimented my body shape for a change.  To top it all off every item that I chose was blue denim, which is what I usually tend to avoid! Crazy huh? I have to say I genuinely love every single piece that I chose and although each item is both blue and distressed they are all still so massively different to each other because of the different washes and fits!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know a little about my American Eagle UK experience in case you – like me - were struggling to find the right pair of jeans. If you want to know more make sure you are following my Instagram as I am styling 5 different items everyday this week. There will also be a denim lookbook on my channel by the end of this week so stay tuned for that too!

Also, before I forget I will also be doing a little giveaway with American Eagle UK. Woooo! For the chance to win a £200 shopping spree in store just tag me and @AmericanEagleUK in a picture of you wearing your favourite jeans on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AEOJeanJournal. Good Luck!

Tasha xxxx

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  1. Tasha, you give me inspiration!! I've followed you for a while now and your style is incredible and so unique. Watching your youtube videos and keeping up to date with your blog is what has inspired me to start a blog myself. I love your look, you are truly amazing!!
    I hope one day I can be as successful as you and work with some of the incredible brands like this one, Topshop and Urban Outfitters x