Adidas #workit Summer Series with AJ Odudu

Last week one of my good friends AJ asked me if I would like to join her for a photoshoot and take part in a little fitness challenge workout that she designed as part of the Summer Series campaign #workit that she is working on with Adidas.

I must admit that I was a little intimidated at first - if you watch Aj's channel you'll understand why. She is not only a fitness queen but has recently become a qualified personal trainer, so I knew agreeing to take up the challenge would mean that I was about to be put through my paces. But there was no way I could say no as the idea behind this whole campaign is something I totally support and believe in.

The series aims to inspire us women to explore and try out new exercises and in turn encourages us to be more confident and positive about our body image. It's all about embracing our natural beauty, accepting ourselves just as we are and enjoying experiences with people we love, whilst empowering ourselves, as well as each other. Girl power or what?!

So I want to encourage you to get your sweat on and #workit be it with a friend or by yourself! Make yourself feel great! Aj's Adidas #workit Summer Series fresh fitness moves are designed to help boost your energy and self-esteem this summer, so I encourage you to head over to to try them out for yourselves! Enjoy it!

Check out Aj's links for more fitness tips and motivation:

Tasha xxxx


  1. ❤️❤️❤️Girl to the power👯 You rock! 👊

  2. You both look so cute xo

  3. tall goddesses <3
    heading to the gym..
    well, at least out of bed

  4. Looks like you both had lots of fun while getting fit. Go girls!

  5. I love this movement towards supporting women in sport at the moment, its so badly needed.

  6. Love that black one whit yellow dots.
    Tasha you look amazing in all of them xx

  7. You both look so good! Great post Tasha x

  8. You both look incredible. Love everything about this. Xx