Press days are something I need to say yes to more. In this job it can be really easy to get used to staying at home and you can begin to find going out into the outside world intimidating. You start to get too comfortable in your own little bubble and forget that there is a whole world out there brimming with new people that you are yet to meet and experiences that you are missing out on. I got stuck in this little cycle for a while always making excuses – ‘I have nothing to wear’, ‘I won’t know anyone there’. But I’ve been here before and I refuse to be in that place again! I’m taking control and saying yes to as much as I can, starting with press days which has definitely helped to push me out of my comfort zone. I left the one I am about to tell you guys all about feeling inspired, and more than anything, happy to have broken the cycle and to have done something that I would usually shy away from.

Anyway, here’s some cool pics I got of a really cool collection of brands under Sewn Agency Press showcasing their new creations! I thought I'd share because I loved it so I thought you guys might too :)
 photo blog signature_zpsswhl3uco.jpg

Upon arrival we were greeted with cake pops and deliciously zingy healthy juices - my fave thing ever!

RASCALS' | HIDE LABEL - Rascals' is a streetwear brand from Copenhagen that focuses on minimalist sporty-grunge streetwear staple pieces with some super cool slogan pieces.

HIDE LABEL - beautiful but affordable leather jackets that are timeless. They have bombers, biker jackets & aviator ones too!

LIBERTINE-LIBERTINE - had the coolest kind of Scandinavian vibes going on. Really minimalist and clean cut all whilst still making a statement.

THE MIX - has totally taken inspiration from a lot of the really popular sunglasses around at the moment but they have totally managed to make them unique to their brand.

ILLUSTRATED PEOPLE - is a really free and individual brand that offer some really cool and playful designs that are very reminiscent of 90's pop culture. This t-shirt caught my eye straight away, love it!

JAKKE - a very 70's inspired retro brand that make THE most amazing faux fur, suede and leather that you will come across. Such gorgeous pieces, and they are ethical too!

GARMENT PROJECT - are so on point with the luxe minimalist tennis/skate style shoe that everyone is going crazy over at the moment. They have different colours and styles to suit everyone.

KINGS OF INDIGO - a brand heavily inspired by a mix of the minimalist design Japanese denim and the unmistakable toughness of the iconic American blue jeans. All the shades and cuts you could possibly want and the quality is gorgeous! This brand also uses sustainable techniques wherever possible which makes them even more amazing!


  1. Absolutely loving your outfit, such a cool casual and relaxed cool.
    You look beautiful as always.


  2. Really like your outfit, it's so effortless but looks so cool- especially love the culottes too. Jakke faux fur looks so realistic and high quality too!

  3. Great casual look, I love the jacket!

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  4. love your outfits!!!! keep on doing !!! ps: just trying some tips of your hair routine!!!please keep us updated! so usefull!!! in my family only my father has i feel very lost all the time... that you for sharing!!!

  5. That outfit is so bomb. Love the colours together and those trousers just look like the comfiest thing ever.

    Kelly Knows It | A life & style blog


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