Around this time last year, I was lucky enough to be one of 4 invited to be a model for an exciting campaign that The Body Shop was shooting in L.A. Not only would that be my first time there, but also my first time ever setting foot on U.S. soil and I couldn’t have been more excited! I have loved and used products from The Body Shop ever since my pre-teen stages so the fact that I was going there to model for them was so surreal! 

A  quick browse in Heathrow airport and an 11 hour flight later, I’m in L.A.X. and it feels like a dream. Like I’m in a movie. But I’m not. I have to pinch myself. This. Is. Real. Ahhhhhhh!! I find my car, and jump in ready to check in to my hotel and meet the Body Shop team and the other models (Cat, Molly and Rain) who were all so so lovely and SO gorgeous! Everyone made me feel so at ease which I am so grateful for because I am not a model and believe it or not, I get very uncomfortable in front of a camera when it comes to having my photo taken. 

After meeting everyone and having a quick run through of what was going to be happening over the next few days, all I could manage was a quick bit of room service and then it was time for bed ready to get up early the following morning.

Thanks to jet lag I was up around 4, but it meant I could have a quick look around the hotel and even check out the gym. But before I knew it, it was time to jump in the car and set off to the first location in Malibu. It was stunning. You’ll have to check out my vlog to understand just how gorgeous this place was because I’m terrible at describing things!  And so the shoot begins, in the glorious Malibu sunshine. 

Oh… and did I forget to mention that the photographer was Cole Sprouse. Like, THE Cole Sprouse, from Friends, Big Daddy, and more recently Riverdale?! Not only is he super talented, he was also a genuinely lovely guy and it was a pleasure to work with him. The only time I was - I guess what you could say is - uncomfortable shooting with him was when he told me to watch/listen out for rattle snakes… and that no, he wasn’t joking haha!

What you might find surprising (I still can’t believe I did it) is that I also did a topless shot alongside Rain! I know right? I was sooooo nervous, but when it actually came down to it, it was probably one of the most freeing and fun experiences I’ve had. Also, it was your typical glamour shot. The Body Shop’s concept for this shot was so lovely, just two friends running round a field, frivolous and free spirited just running with the wind.

Anyway to sum it all up the shoot was a whirlwind experience, that pushed me to my limits in the best way possible. So much happened but just like that it was over in just two days. Shout out to The Body Shop and the whole team for making the whole experience such an amazing one! 

Let me know what you think of the shots :) So many of you guys from around the world have been sending me pics of my big ol’ head posted up in your nearest Body Shop store and it’s the coolest thing ever! I see you! So don’t think I don’t, your support means everything!

And last but not least be sure to check out all the new products from the campaign because they are actually poppin’ and I’m so proud to be one of the faces reppin’ them!

Here are some behind the scenes pics for you to enjoy :)


  1. Wow it seems like you had such a great time!! The pictures are gorgeous and thanks for sharing Tasha!x

    Millie x

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