Let’s talk foundation and lipstick. Two things that now rarely ever make it into my makeup routine and when they do, it really must mean that they’ve hit the spot on a major level for me.

I’ve recently been wearing foundation and lipstick a little more often than usual, and that’s all down to The Body Shop’s new releases.

Admittedly, I’ve become more of a skincare girl as I’ve got older so my primary focus is to make sure my skin is as good as it can be so that I don’t feel the need to cover it up with makeup. I do however, still really love enhancing my skin whilst keeping my look pretty light and natural. 

That being said, I’ll get into the foundation first as it was this product that surprised me the most. 
So I’ve already said that I don’t really wear foundation that often anymore, but when I do I prefer it to be light, natural looking and dewy. The Body Shop foundation is matte and full coverage. I repeat… matte and full coverage. The total opposite of what I would usually go for, but somehow it works for me. I think the combination of it being breathable, lightweight and tea tree oil enriched is what makes it so special. The Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation sits on the skin beautifully without that thick, heavy feeling you would usually get from a matte foundation. As well as this, I feel like it lets your skin breathe whilst the tea tree is actively benefiting your skin throughout the day and with a light application this foundation lets your natural skin shine through whilst absorbing any shine from oil prone areas. Providing 24 hour coverage that is breathable and natural looking, this foundation is a great match for all skin types and I definitely know which foundation I’ll be reaching for over the summer months.

Onto the lisptick. To me, there is nothing better than a matte liquid lipstick so this fit my preferred lipstick criteria perfectly from the get go. When you first apply the product, it glides on seamlessly more like a creamy lipgloss but as it dries it sets into this beautifully velvet matte lip without your lips feeling like they are about to crack. There are 17 colours ranging from the lightest to deepest of shades and I would wear every single one, each beautifully rich and intense in colour but also just generally gorgeous shades. Much like the foundation, these lip colours are surprisingly lightweight and last all day leaving your lips feeling soft and luscious which of course has to be down to the fact that they are enriched with Community Trade marula oil from Namibia and Community Trade beeswax from Cameroon. 

Both the lipsticks and foundations are cruelty free (something I’ve always loved about The Body Shop) and the lipsticks are also 100% vegetarian as well as being gluten and carmine free - bonus! 

Can’t wait to play around more with these products as festival season approaches!