Saturday Portrait

What up homies?! 

So today I purchased my very first MacBook and I'm so excited! After debating over doing so for years and years, I finally bit the bullet and did it! Over the last few years of contemplating, I just could not depart with so much of my hard earned cash for a laptop. But now that my trusty PC is at the end of its journey, and after having been advised to by a number of people, I got the 13 inch MacBook Pro and I must admit that I am already obssessed!

Being a YouTuber and a blogger it seems that this was the only essential tool missing. Now that my 'internet office' is complete, I feel like I am now a professional who is ready to take the world by storm haha! I feel so inspired and motivated to get to work with my new toy, hence this blog post - and many more to come... I hope!

Hope you guys are having an amazing Saturday x


  1. Tasha, you are such a pro! :) please blog more often- your letters & well put together words bring me comfort & joy! :)
    Hamida xX

  2. You seem like such a warm person! And i love your style so much!!
    Would love for you to check blog!! I think we have lotS in common

    Xx Lavie

    1. aww thank you!
      just checked out your blog you are absolutely stunning and i love your style!
      gonna go stalk your blog some more now haha xx

  3. your hair is so lovely! how do you get it to go so straight and which dye did you use to achieve this colour x x