Sunday Portrait

Surprise! Two consecutive posts in two days? What?

After recent happenings, I now have a lot of free time on my hands. So I thought I'd have a little chat with you guys - or myself... haha! I like the idea that I can use this blog as a diary but I do sometimes forget that there are people reading! Thanks by the way!

So I haven't been getting much sleep over the last couple of weeks, no idea why, but nothing seems to help me catch the much needed zzz's! I can go to sleep at 4am and I guarantee I will wake up at 8am... or earlier. Not-so-sweet slumber seems to  only catch me in 4 hour bursts (and thats if I'm lucky enough to get that much sleep). As a result, my reality and my dreams are all becoming one big blur, and my head is all over the place. God get it together girl! haha

What are you guys up to today? I have a lot of filming and editing to do, but instead it seems that listening to music and reading blogs is at the top of my agenda. I've been up since 6am so I've had all the time in the world to get started... And the award for Procrastination Queen goes to Tasha Green!
If I do manage to actually get my lazy backside out of this bed and complete all my tasks early enough, I will be going shopping with a good friend of mine before meeting another good friend of ours after her shift at work. 
Then comes the most exciting part of my day - the Muse concert! I've been a sly fan of Muse since I was a teenager and if a friend of a friend has free spare tickets, I'm going!

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend whatever you are doing :)
Peace x


  1. Can't wait for new videos! Enjoy the concert.

  2. Blaaddddy hell, what have you done your blog?! it be looking amazing! Literally looks so cool!

    ps sozza that I comment on every post lol!, I am your biggest fan *cringgge* haaa don't care. Your too much of a cool person not to stalk

    Hamida xxx

  3. Also, hope you enjoy the concert & just chilling with your buds. And do you feel tired after not sleeping all night? Because I have always preferred staying most of the night just mostly going on the net or cannot get myself to sleep but that usually affects my energy/mood quite a lot for the mornings. But some of my friends, literally have the same problem as me, but their sleep routine is sporadic and they still feel awake in the morning... don't know if I have insomnia or just am slightly odd lol.

    lots of love XXX

    1. lololol you are so cute! thank you for being so lovely haha ^.^
      i do feel tired after the sleepless nights but i wont feel sleepy if that makes sense
      if anything i think its normal that you feel affected so dont worry haha

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