All work no play

So it's been all work no play this week. I'm so ready for the weekend, which should kick off nicely with the 21 degree weather predicted for tomorrow eeeee!
Thinking of throwing a little BBQ with the gang in the daytime, before heading off into the night.

But anyway, back to today. I've been filming and editing all morning and I'm not even halfway through this D.I.Y video - which is unplanned by the way, typical me! Love to make things hard for myself.
I hope those of you who do watch my YouTube channel have been enjoying the videos and I hope those of you who strictly read my blog have been enjoying my more common presence on here?

Thought I'd take a quick minute to have a little chat with you guys, but it's back to work for me now or I will be forced to edit away tomorrow whilst my friends enjoy the BBQ without me... Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

Hope you've all had a pleasant week
Peace x


  1. Hey tasha, love you style
    There is a little surprise for all blog readers on my blog! New summer love designs, check em out!

    Xx Lavie

  2. 21 degrees???? whattt the! thanks for telling me... blimey need to make plans :) cant wait to see your upcoming videos! woo


  3. Your hair is fantastic and you're so pretty! Love this blog and your YouTube :)