(Lazing around on Friday before getting ready to go out)

(Mennar and I on Saturday (the day after the night before) as you can probably tell I have barely slept)

(Ready for Beyonce's 'Chime for Change')

What uuuup?!

This weekend was amazing! Fortunately I managed to get all my YouTube stuff done on time :)

Friday night I was out in East London with the gang, and my main man and his boys came to join us later on... We didn't get home until about 9am the next day! I swear I can still hear house music banging around in my brain!

Then as if the weekend couldn't get any better... I went to Beyonce's 'Chime for Change' concert, AND my friend managed to get a ticket outside the event so he came with me and we had the best time! All I can say is... Jay Z came on stage and performed his rap whilst Beyonce was singing 'Crazy In Love'!! 
Also, Jenny from the block (J-Lo)... she shut it down! Unexpected, but she was awesome; and to top it off she had Mary J Blige come on stage for a little duet! I guess these were the highlights of the concert for me because they just really brought me back to when I was growing up... 90's baby!

By Sunday I was totally dead, so I had a little pamper day and washed my hair blah blah blah! But basically this weekend was cooool :)

Today I have just been catching up on the YouTube and TOWIE - which I thought was quite boring but next week looks intense haha! I also went to the gym for the first time in I don't know how long. It killed me. But I have been slacking. For a long time I have done absolutely nothing and it shows in my body so it's time to fix up in time for my holiday, also I just feel better when I work out! Hopefully I can stay motivated this time! Let me know if you guys have any tips - I'd love to get some advice!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and if any of you are in the middle of exams I hope they are going well and you are not too stressed!

Peace x

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  1. Your style is so awesome! I couldn't tell you hadn't slept in that photo, you looked lovely!