Sunglasses - Ray Ban | Scarf - D.I.Y | Rucksack - Charity Shop | Dress - Primark | Cardigan - c/o Boohoo | Jacket - c/o New Look | Boots - River Island

Hey! How are you guys?
I know I know, it's been a little while since I have posted, I'm sorry! I've been lacking inspiration recently and I've just been dressing like a boy, always pairing jeans with a boring old plain tee.
I have come to the realisation that maybe dressing a little more feminine would work better for me but I find it hard to play with a lot of colour or really girly pieces because I feel like it makes me look like a giant kid.
Ignoring these feelings I decided to build my outfit around this printed dress. I think I've found a way to be girly but not childish, by having the dress as a base but then building around it with more edgy pieces.
The rucksack is an old favourite. The boots, although not the most comfortable, are my latest obsession as is the boyfriend coat.
I ended up loving this outfit as I felt like it gave off a very 90's vibe! So here's to more ladylike outfits - if only slightly!

How do you guys feel about dressing girly? Do you find it as difficult as me? I'd love some tips haha!

Love you guys
Tasha xx


  1. My style varies from day to day. One day I dress 'pretty and proper' in a pencil skirt and cami top, and the next day I'll be grungy lol. I think you look lovely and I really like your hair like this :) X


  2. You look so cosy! I love the scarf xo

  3. I love your outfit so much, its so cute yet edgy xx

  4. Love it tasha !

  5. Such a pretty outfit! I love the print on the dress!
    Eden from edenroses

  6. so pretty! Lovely outfit! would you please check out my blog it would mean the world.

  7. Love the jacket.
    I've also nominated you for the Liebster award - the post will be up on my blog later today:

    Katie x

  8. i don't think I could dress girlie if I tried. It makes me feel insecure and a bit silly lol. And confidence is beauty so you don't need any tips on dressing girlie Tash, wear what makes you feel good! xx

  9. Heyy! No matter how hard i looked, I couldn't find those boots on river island! Any suggestions?

  10. Dig this look! I love the tough boots with the slightly more girly dress. Mixing and matching different styles into one outfit is one of my favourite things to do...although I probably end up looking like a hot mess whereas you just end up looking like a superbabe.

  11. Loving the look! Need that jacket in my life.