April Favourites 2014

I know it's been ages and I'm sorry but I really am trying to get into the whole blogging thing now... she says again...

So what better way to kick off my attempt at being a consistent blogger than to come back with a 'favourites' blog post? So here it is, a list of my favourite things over the past month or so.

A bit of a weird one to start off with, I know. But, this toothbrush is amazing! It has been in my bathroom for yonks, but only over the last few months have I come to realise how irreplacable it is in my hygiene routine! My teeth/mouth has never felt cleaner. My teeth feel smooth like silk after I've used it and I can even get a deep clean on my wisdom teeth which are almost impossible to reach and clean properly with a standard toothbrush. 

This has been a staple in my makeup routine ever since I got it, there is just no alternative. It keeps my lashes looking longer and fuller all day and the brush is similar to that of the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara, so it is perfect for making my non-existent lower lashes existent. The brush and formula work together perfectly and make the 'Big Fatty Mascara' the best one I have used yet.

I got my hands on this little beauty just before I went to Australia with Sammi (a.k.a. BeautyCrush) and I don't know what I was doing without it! It's the perfect size, I love the colour, but most importantly the quality you get for the price and the fact that it is a compact camera is outstanding! I lent it to my mum when she went on holiday and found myself yearning for it when I didn't have it that's how much I love it!

I'm not a fan of facial wash at all. Never have been. But this one is slowly changing my mind. It is so gentle to my ever so sensitive skin. To my complete and utter surprise it has not broken me out and it leaves my skin feeling really lovely, refreshed and clean as opposed to super dry and tight. Love this!

Another face product that I am usually very cautious of. The face mask. But again I find this to be super gentle on my skin and it doesn't leave me unable to move my face without feeling tightness and discomfort. I also absolutely love the way the mask warms up as you rub it into your skin, it feels so soothing and just lovely. I'm getting tingles in my body just thinking about it haha!

The most amazing lip balm ever! That is all... Ok no, it also have many other healing functions but honestly, this product as a lip balm is flawless.

Facial oil - another product that I was in total fear of, until now. This is lovely! Although it says it is for overnight use, I have taken to using it day and night because it seems to heal my skin in record time. To my surprise my spots are significantly reduced if not gone when I use this product, which is crazy as it is moisturising instead of drying. But whatever magic this product is doing, it can stay in my bathroom for as long as it wants!

 My last favourite, but certainly not my least favourite, are my Birkenstocks. I got these quite recently in Urban Outfitters but they instantly became my staple slip-ons when I was away in Australia. They are remarkably comfortable, effortless and really high quality, well made and durable shoes. They also look really cool haha. Need I say any more?

To my surprise the majority of my favourites this month are beauty related which is rare for me as I don't really delve into or change up my skincare/beauty products that much! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I have enjoyed writing it, as I find this really therapeutic and would love to do more! 

If you want to know what my music favourites were for the month of April, check out my favourites video below, or on my YouTube channel :)

What were some of your favourites over the past month?

Lots of love
Tasha xxxx

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