Pho Vietnamese Street Food & a couple OOTD's

Mennar & I have been to this restaurant a few times now and it never fails to utterly satisfy us. 
It was a Sunday night and I was super hungry, as I had not really eaten much after having been quite ill for a number of days.
After having wasted the previous few days rolling around in bed I was just beginning on the road to recovery on Sunday night, so wanted something to eat that was healthy and was not going to upset my stomach.
Mennar also wanted to take my mum out, so we had to make a decision based on my needs but also considering my mum's taste. 
Pho was the first place that came to mind. 
We went to the Chiswick Branch which was a first as we've only ever been to the one in Westfield White City. It was a nice change as the food court in Westfield can tend to feel really crowded and claustrophobic.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely, really calm and they were playing some old school jams which was just perfect.

For starters we ordered some veggie spring rolls, prawn summer rolls and some tender fried squid - a new one for all of us, but damn it was delicious! Definitely a new favourite for all of us.

Me being a creep as usual haha!

Then for mains Mum got a papaya salad with prawns, Mennar tried something new as always, this time he got 'Com Tam' which is broken rice. He chose the 'Com Tam Rang' which according to the menu, is aromatic, spicy wok-fried broken rice with chicken and dried shrimp. According to our tastebuds it was heaven on a plate! 
Me being me, I got what I always get - Pho. Specifically 'Pho Tai' which contains thinly sliced steak. As always, it was divine!

I couldn't finish the whole thing so here's a snap of me getting a little help from Mennar 

Last but not least we thought we would take a couple of snaps of our outfits that day. 

Mennars outfit: Polo top - Farah, Jeans - Topman (similar here), Trainers - Nike

My outfit: Top - Forever 21 (similar here), Shorts - Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Topshop

Thought I'd leave you with a photo symbolising me kicking my virus in the butt! Haha!

Please let me know if you like these kind of posts, and also how you guys feel about Mennar making more of an appearance with OOTD's etc :)

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.
Until next time.

Tasha xxxx


  1. I can't believe I haven't been to a Vietnamese restaurant yet, always wanted to try out Pho. Thanks for the lovely post Tasha x
    Susan | classysusie

  2. I love Vietnamese food! There's an amazing place where I live, it's only about $10-$15 per meal & they put some kind of delicious minty thing in their veggie spring rolls. Too good!

    Love your outfit too!

  3. Love the last picture in the end made me laugh. :)

  4. The food looks yummy! You're so gorgeous, love your style, blog and channel! Definitely do more posts like these and include Mennar more!! You two are perf!!

  5. Nice photo work, the restaurant looks really cool I'm definitely going to check it out