Little Treasures - My Village Cafe

Hi guys! Sorry it's been ages AGAIN! I have a valid excuse this time though. I have been busy finalising my dissertation and another piece of work as well as juggling my YouTube work, so blogging on top of that was impossible. And to be honest, typing wasn't the first thing I wanted to do after a long day of dissertation writing. 

In celebration of the fact that I will never have to see a book on the topic of Education Studies again (well I hope not anyway), I have been spending a lot of time with my favourite people. 
On Sunday I took a little trip to Camden with some family and one of my closest friends, Emma. 
It was so crazy to see how much the place has changed! It has become so commercial and has lost all it's originality and charm over the years! Such a shame, it used to be one of my favourite places.
Anyway, in between weaving through the markets and taking pictures for our blogs, Emma & I along with my family, stumbled across this little gem of a cafe - My Village cafe.

Upon seeing the cute little exterior, and of course our favourite words on the menu (fresh salad, halloumi, falafel & fresh juice) we could not resist, so we went in. 

We walked in and saw the gorgeous interior, very cool with a lot of traditional middle-eastern vibes, but also quite eclectic with a mix of old and new. We were instantly greeted with the biggest, most genuine smiles and the most amazing little samples of soups and fresh juices and stuffed vine leaves. It was very cosy and we felt at home right away.

As for the food? Well I think the pictures speak for themselves. It was beautiful! The soup was to die for. A blend of broccoli, leek and some other stuff chucked in might not sound great, but it was so, so delicious! This place does a different soup of the day everyday, so I will definitely have to go back for more! 
Also, the last dish... 
It's called fareek, which is a mixture of a grain, seeds, nuts, and spices and it is absolutely mouth watering just remembering what it tastes like. I need to go back to this place and soon!

Thought I'd put in a few shots of the inside of the cafe as I'm sure my description will do it no justice at all and it really is gorgeous.
The little corner with all the cushions is where we sat - I need to keep this picture in mind for when I move out, it just looks so effortless and cool.

Here, is one of the lovely guys who worked at the cafe. The service there was so impeccable that he even made the effort to draw up a business card as they had none left!

Thought I would let you guys know about this beautiful little place, just in case you are a little food crazy like I am. You guys should definitely check it out if you have the opportunity!

What have you guys been up to of late? 
Hope you've had a great weekend!

Tasha xxxx

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