LFW Photo Diary

Le Pain Quotiden is slowly becoming one of my favourite places to eat. The food is simple but so so delicious, as the products are of high quality! Mennar & I took a little trip here in the middle of fashion week before I had to run off to shows & events. I love how nostalgically French the place is, it reminds me of home and the drinking bowls remind me of how I would drink hot chocolate out of bowls as a child. 

Mennar being the big kid he is, insisted that we took a little detour to Baskin & Robbins after our little late lunch.

During London Fashion Week, Becca Rose & I went to the Fashion Scout showroom and discovered some really cool designers! I wish I could remember the names to list them down, but I lost all the cards which I am so gutted about. But seriously, how cool is some of this stuff?! If any of you know the designers then please let me know!

Last stop for London Fashion Week was the Maybelline event. It was a very cosy event, serving drinks and offering makeup and nail makeovers whilst showcasing some of the new range releases. I spent most of my time chilling and chatting with the gorgeous Ashley James (peace signer above) and the beautiful Patricia Bright. Love those two!

After that it was time to go home and get into bed as I was absolutely exhausted!
Sorry this post is so so late, but I hope it was at the very least something to look at.

Love ya
Tasha xxxx


  1. Oh wow, the clothes in these photographs look incredible! Also, I love your new blog header. :)



  2. Whoa big blog revamp! Looks good :) I just posted a hair care haul over at my blog, you should check it out I think some of the products will work with your hair XX

  3. Great blog, loves it! xx