So it's happening. The cold weather is creeping it's way in and winter is just round the corner. As we all know that now means it's time to protect ya neck haha! 
I decided to keep this outfit rather simple with some nice classic pieces, as I found that having my legs out at this time of year is a statement in itself, and the cutout detail on the boots revealing 'ankle cleavage' adds just that little bit more of a sassy twist to this outfit. 
I'm not usually the turtleneck wearing type but this one fits so nicely and the ribbed details just sets it off perfectly. 

How do you guys style turtlenecks? I want some inspiration!
Tasha xxxx


  1. This is gorgeous, love the cut of the skirt xo

  2. I really like your turtleneck, you pull it off! I'm too scared to try them x

    Gegsy Blog

  3. I don't normally wear turtlenecks either, but I plan on bringing them out this fall/winter. There's something so chic about them, I think. They can instantly make you look more put together and mature, which is good for me (someone who doesn't look her age). I especially like when they are in a dark, solid colors (black, navy, hunter green, oxblood, etc). I think they can be paired with so many outfits, but look really brilliant with a skirt.

    Dee |