Little Dragon 'Gig Style' with O2 Academy Oxford


Hey guys! Hope you are all well and are having a fabulous week?
I'm sitting here looking through some pictures of the Little Dragon gig I was invited to by O2 Academy Oxford last week and I can't stop smiling! I could not believe my luck as Little Dragon are one of my absolute favourite bands and I had been contemplating getting a ticket and travelling to Oxford just to see them anyway - and of top of this I got to go with one of my favourite girls - Bee from Idressmyselff!

Onto the event itself, Bee & I were met by an O2 angel (cute job title right? haha) called Tom who made sure that we had everything we needed. After putting our things in the cloakroom we got a drink, and had some time to look around the venue. It was really awesome, and very intimate which I really love. What's also really cool is that this place has two floors, so sometimes there are two gigs going on at once - how crazy! 

After a bit of chatting, and a few more drinks it was time for Little Dragon to come on, and can I just say, they were incredible! Even more amazing than I expected them to be and they sounded so so awesome live it was such an experience to watch such an amazing band who seem so passionate and in to what they do! About halfway through their performance, I couldn't control myself I had to get to the front haha! This was a great idea in the end, although it was extremely hot and sweaty it meant I could get some really cool pictures like the one below.

So, I just wanted to take you guys through the reasons why I chose this outfit for the gig as it can be quite difficult to dress stylishly for something like this. I decided to go with this sheer striped t-shirt dress from Sparkle & Fade (via Urban Outfitters) as I thought it was kind of a more modern take on the more classic look, and it adds some texture and playfulness to the look, whilst showing a bit more skin in a really cool and modest way. 
For boots I went for a big pair of clompy boots (you guys know I live in these). I thought they would add some toughness to the dress and also keep my feet safe amongst the rest of the crowd, and if they get a bit battered it's ok, as it would just add to the look!
I also threw on a classic checkered shirt just to add some colour to the look and some warmth if necessary and I also think that it just gives off that classic relaxed gig vibe. 
To me, this outfit was super Swedish inspired with the big boots and loose fitting clothes which also made it really  fitting to the artist Little Dragon too because they are Swedish which I thought was super cool!
When it comes to dressing for gigs I think the main and most important thing is that you are comfortable and that you can breathe and that is another reason this outfit was perfect for this. 

Before I forget, I just thought it would be good to remind you guys that if you are an O2 customer you can get access to gig tickets up to 48 hours before general release by texting ‘Priority’ to 2020 which is amazing if you are a music lover like me!

What would you guys wear to a gig? And who are you off to see live next?
Lots of Love,
Tasha xxxx

You can also check out the O2 Academy Oxford's awesome venue and other cool stuff by checking out their links below:

FTC: This is a sponsored post. I must state that I was lucky enough to be given this awesome opportunity and all ideas & opinions are entirely my own and all clothes were chosen by me. 


  1. Love the outfit, never sure how to style those see-through tops myself but looks fantastic on you x

  2. love the boots, and the see-through dress