I'm more than aware that I haven't posted in a long long time and I'm sorry (she says for the millionth time)! I saw myself getting lazy with my blog over the month of December as I challeneged myself with Vlogmas (daily vlogging throughout the month of Decemeber). Plus, it was CHRISTMAS! I'm sure I was entitled to a little break right? But yeah, I guess that little break turned into a not-so-acceptable hibernation period! 

Then before I knew it, it was time for my foot operation(nothing serious so don't worry). And it was definitely way too late for any last minute blogging, so I didn't even have any scheduled blog posts to save my ass when I was too high on painkillers to even remember my name haha! How unprofessional of me! 

So this apologetic post is supposedly a kick start to me trying to become a more serious and much more consistent blogger. I want to share more of my life with you guys. Outfits, what I'm lusting after, things I love, fitness, beauty, makeup, hair, personal interests, travel, photography, even advice - whatever you guys want to see, name it and I will do my absolute best to fulfil your requests :)

I didn't know what picture to use for this post because I have literally pretty much been in bed for the last two weeks. I thought perhaps it might be appropriate to show you guys some of my bedside essentials that I have been keeping close as my foot heals.  

Of course, my iphone.
For work, emails, YouTube, instagram, twitter, texts and calls, you name it I can do it! My phone is my everything haha! 

Eat pray love. 
My girl Sammi gave me the book because I was saying I had watched the film upon her recommendation and it made me really want to read the book. It's so enlightening, if you haven't heard of it, definitely watch or read it, it will definitely leave you feeling the positive vibes man!

Body Shop hemp hand cream.
When I get ill or my body is healing or recovering from something my skin can become really dehydrated so I love to keep a hand cream nearby in order to avoid getting those wrinkly granny hands. Not that there is anything wrong with old people's hand but I'm not old yet! I also love to keep the Dr. Lucas Pawpaw ointment nearby as my lips tend to get incredibly dry too, and the current weather here in the UK is no help.

The cup of tea is also very necessary. 
If any of you know me at all you will know I am earl grey obsessed! Tea is the best comfort drink, if that's even a thing. Having this gorgeous mug from Antrhopologie to drink it in is just a plus!

Anyway, here's to new beginnings! Hope you've all been well.
See you very very soon xx


  1. Oh i love your blog/ youtube so you are forgiven haha. Where are your beautiful bottoms from? They remind me of fabric squares my granny used to let me use to make clothes for my dolls!

  2. We miss you! But totally forgiven.

  3. forgiven , just keep posting outfits, i love those posts :)

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