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5. MINKPINK (via Threadsence) - Oriental Bloom Flares

Flares have been on my mind non-stop for the last few months after having played dress up with some at a shoot and seeing some really cool ones styled by some even cooler bloggers. At the time my rational mind told me to wait because I would probably never wear them, especially not during the winter season, so I put off buying a pair for so long. But now that time is up.

All day long I find my self searching for the perfect pair, I'm even dreaming about them! I've decided on a monochrome pair that I found on Asos, my only fear now is that I will become obsessed (let's be honest I already am)... I'm already contemplating the gorgeous paisley pair pictured above - and maybe the velvet floral pair too ahhh!

What do you guys think of the flares trend? I will be styling mine as soon as they arrive so if you're not loving the 70's vibes hopefully I can change your mind because that is what the summer season is going to be all about! You gotta learn embrace the hippy in you haha! 

Lots of love
Tasha xxxx

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