Li-lac Detector

Another nail post today, I'm thinking of doing one a week about my nails seeing as I change the colour at least once during that time frame. What do you guys think?

I found this nail polish hiding in the corners of my 'summer nail polish draw' and in accordance with my recent decision to protest against the drab UK weather in any way possible, I immediately painted my nails in hopes that the colour would lift my spirit.
I can confidently say that after only a few hours of wear, it most certainly did that and a more. I can already see a never ending love story forming between this nail polish & I (swoon). 
The colour is the perfect shade of lilac that I have struggled so hard to find in the past. The consistency of the polish is like buttah and the opacity for a lighter nail polish is great, this is only two coats!
So here I am introducing you to my new nail obsession. 
Readers, meet Lil-ac Detector.
You're welcome.


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