Winter Scent-sations


I remember when I was young and first fell in love with perfume. The way different scents would transform me into who I wanted to be that day and make me feel like I was capable of taking the day ahead on with no qualms. However I quickly lost my love for perfume as I started to smell the same as every other girl my age and eventually I just didn't bother wearing it anymore.

Until now that is.

Black Opium by YSL is a scent that I was not too keen on to begin with if I'm honest with you, but one day I was just sitting around at home and I could see that gorgeous pink glittery bottle glistening from the corner of my eye. I took it as a sign that I should at least give it a go.
 I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am that I gave it a chance. By the end of the day I was smitten. Not only does this scent wear beautifully the longer the day goes on, I also receive a compliment - or two - without fail every single time I wear it! It's got that kind of sexy, seductive scent that makes you feel all super feminine and oh so sultry.

I fell in love with Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford the moment the first note hit my senses. Once I had fully enveloped the complex and perfectly layered and velvety scent of this perfume I knew it had to be mine. The bottle is so chic, understated & absolutely gorgeous! This one makes me fell like the most sophisticated 'girl boss' - it leaves me feeling so empowered that I feel I could run the world.

What are your current favourite scents & how do they make you feel?

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  1. Black Opium is one I'm yet to smell! I'll have to check these fragrances out.

    DeeDee Louise

  2. i wanted to buy the black opium parfume for such a long time but somehow i never did. the flacon looks so stunning and i love the smell.
    i hate when the smell doesnt last for long but when you say it even gets better, i really have to buy it now! :D

    xx Lisa

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