Bye Bye Blogger

Hello my beautiful people!
So I'm sure you are all aware but just incase you're not, Google Reader will no longer exist from the 1st  July. All you have to do if you want to continue following my blog (and all the other blogs that you follow) is import your blog subscriptions from Blogger to Bloglovin'.

To do this just click the link below

I know I've probably left this a bit late but it is really simple I promise!
Looking forward to seeing you all over on Bloglovin'

Peace! x

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  1. Hello, I have mentioned you in my recent blog post because I don't know if you remember. I asked you where you got your black monki top from the boohoo lookbook you did and you said you DIY'd it! Well I attemped this myself lol! It was rubbish compared to yours but I tried lol. My blog posts is:

    Also just to add, I've watched a few of the vlogs from The edit launch and you looked like a beaut as per usual! keep being you :)

    Hamida X